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Blonde Lady Boy

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blonde lady boy

When I am nine years old in a mountain-ringed tropical town, the British Council Library is my after-school sanctuary. My mother leaves me there while she runs errands, and I clamber into a bean bag chair bracketed by books. As is common in Commonwealth countries like Sri Lanka, almost every author is white, but at that time I don't understand why; all I know is that children with blonde names like Edward [End Page 158] and Katie and Jo are adventuring through lofts and moors and seaside piers, and that I yearn to journey with them, away from the monsoon soaking the mango trees outside.

Sometimes I stumble on a book without blonde names. Instead of seaside piers, these books contain tea plantations, houseboys, and villages in the jungle; soldiers, bombs, and people being hurt by both. I flip the first few pages of these books and return them quickly to the shelf, unsettled by these names that sound a little too much like mine.

One day a book called The Garbage King slips through the cracks. A skinny figure stands in the foreground of its yellow-red cover. The author is a white lady named Elizabeth Laird and the book is about a group of boys (and some girls, but mostly boys) from a place called Addis Ababa. Some of them are rich. Some of them are street children. I don't know where Addis Ababa is or how to use the library computer and find out, so the only differences I notice between myself and most of the characters I'm reading about is that I have two parents, and my parents have money.

I would have liked to forget The Garbage King as easily as I forget the other books without blonde names, but one of the characters lingers uneasily in my mind, long after my mother has paid the overdue fees on the book. His name is Mamo, he is the first boy introduced in the story, and within the first few chapters he is kidnapped from Addis Ababa. One night, after many terrible things have happened to him, he escapes from the people to whom he'd been sold and runs back to Addis Ababa.

David and his two youngest children turned heads - and drew attention from an attractive blonde - with their lookalike cropped haircuts as they rolled down Rodeo Drive in the football star's 300,000 Phantom Drophead Coupe.

In desperation he visits a prominent physician, tells him his story, and offers to sell his body to medical science in order to provide for his wife and child after he is gone. The doctor tells him his body would bring but $50 and he advises him to go to Germany and consult an eminent specialist who has discovered a cure for his malady. When the doctor names the specialist, the husband realizes it is one of his professors under whom he studied in Germany. The doctor tells him it will require about $1,500 for his cure and it will take about six months. He does not have the necessary money and goes home troubled and distressed.

Upon the occasion of her first performance in the cabaret, Nick Townsend, one of the guests, a rich and handsome young man, goes to her dressing room after the performance to make her acquaintance. He has been the lover of one of the other performers in the night club. Townsend soon becomes enamoured of this beautiful "Blonde Venus"the stage name given to Helen. She has already learned from Townsend's former favorite of the expensive bracelets and other splendid gifts which Townsend had given her, and of his promiscuous generosity towards his "lady friends." At a subsequent meeting, Townsend offers the "Blonde Venus" a bracelet, but she refuses, confessing that it is not her custom to accept bracelets from strangers. He suggests that they become better acquainted, and insists upon escorting her home.

But that was then and this, as they say, is now. Hyundai has moved on, as has the young lady. Now being a mother to four, the coupe has probably been replaced by a people carrier and me by a much more suitable person. 041b061a72


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