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Endless Space Reg; 2 - Supremacy For Mac

During World War II, the Air Force was still a branch of the U.S. Army and soldiers served in ground and air crews. World War II saw the institutionalization of massive bombing campaigns against cities and industrial production. Large bombers like the B-17 Flying Fortress required pilots, navigators, bombardiers, radio operators, and four dedicated machine gunners. Airmen on bombing raids left from bases in England or Italy or from Pacific islands and endured hours of flight before approaching enemy territory. At high altitude, and without pressurized cabins, crews used oxygen tanks to breathe and on-board temperatures plummeted. Once in enemy airspace, crews confronted enemy fighters and anti-aircraft flak from the ground. While fighter pilots flew as escorts, the Air Corps suffered heavy casualties. Tens of thousands of airmen lost their lives.

Endless Space reg; 2 - Supremacy For Mac

Company: 3909 LLCWhere to buy: Steam ($9.99/6.99), GOG ($9.99/7.89)System requirements: 1.5GHz Core2Duo; OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) or later; 2 GB RAM; 100MB hard disk space

Company: Maxis Where to buy: Origin ($4.79/12.94), Best Buy ($39.99)System requirements: Mac OS X Lion; Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz; nVidia GeForce 320M; 4GB RAM; 10GB available HD space

Unlike other strategy games that generally only offer a small number of conditions to achieve victory Endless Legend features a total of 9 potential pathways. This includes the usual elimination victory where you wipe everyone else from the map entirely although has a few related victories like the expansion victory where you control 80% of the map or the supremacy victory by being the only player that still holds their starting capital city. For the economically minded players you can chase a score victory by having the most points after 300 turns, collect a particular a specific amount of game resource known as Dust or research five of the end game technologies within the 6th era. Alternatively players can attempt to finish all of their faction quests and epilogue quest for quest victory, build a wonder or claim a particular amount of diplomatic points.


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