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Men Of War Vietnam V 1.00.1 Full 108

in addition to the various surveillance mechanisms, vietnam is actively developing its network of provincial correctional institutions (pcis). prison reform is at the forefront of recent socio-legal development in vietnam. 10 with the goal of advancing national security, changing the countrys social structure, and promoting sustainable development through increased productivity, vietnam has invested in the province-level pci system, which will close gaps in security infrastructure and rehabilitation. comprising more than 100 prisons, the pci system is a comprehensive system for monitoring, supporting, coordinating, and rewarding prison employees, and supervising the activities of each provinces prison (see b4).

men of war vietnam v 1.00.1 full 108

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vietnam has little experience with restricted internet access. although similar to indias 2008 ban , vietnams 2009 ban was criticized for failing to consider the rights of users and creating inconsistent guidelines and procedures, especially during the ban on social media in 2012 (see b5). in the 2019 elections, reports of blocking networks led to mass protests, including the arrest of 29 individuals, according to the center for public interest and development research. 11

section 336 of the penal code sets the maximum penalty for cybercrimes at no less than three years imprisonment and no more than 10 years imprisonment, as well as fines ranging from 30 million vnd (us$1,430) to 80 million vnd (us$5,000). 12 initially enacted by the penal law of 2003, 11 amendments since 2008 include the extension of the statute of limitations period for crimes committed through cyber systems, which took effect in 2014 (see b6). the law of the sea of 2019 provides for defendants to be held responsible for any data stored or communicated via the internet, while a 2013 amendment extends the statute of limitations to crimes committed via such systems to 20 years (see b7). 2


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