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after long times of being overlooked, the range has brought in $1.5 billion to our country since it opened. these developments have given way to corporate developments, and the suburb of these centres is now on the verge of forgetting about it's baby and becoming the next over-rated suburb across our city.

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prestigious schools nearby include baker college, rice university, southwestern university, university of houston, university of texas, texas a&m, and texas tech university. new developments which recently opened include the arboretum shopping and dining area and the arbor square apartments complex.

the proximity of the affluent suburb of college station also makes it possible to directly commute to prestigious workplaces in and around the city. data area companies and the university of texas are found in the eastern corner of the town, while airforce station, texas a&m university, texas tech university, and baker college are found in the western corner. these enable businesses to travel to the interior of the town, as well as being located in the direct proximity of one of the two previous suburbs which emerged from downtown.

we are happy with our apartment and our location. although we might have to wait a little longer than we would like to have some additional home improvements, the location is worth it. as far as construction problems, there was one thing we had to deal with. we had a construction zone on the cul-de-sac, which was a little inconvenient, but not bad.

they have been also offering discounts to students and locals alike. the arbor square apartments are also part of a pool of affordable apartments in bryan, texas. this will give potential renters an idea of what they can expect, while also providing the benefit of being affordable.


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