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Graphic _gn USA - June 2022pdf

In 2023, risograph printing is being reimagined for digital, abstract graphics. Its grainy textures add depth and noise to minimalist shapes. This has inspired many designers to create surreal valleys of abstraction with a touch of vintage flair. When depicting real characters, risograph textures and colors are combined with exaggerated caricatures and simplified features, transforming the familiar into the unfamiliar. Ultimately, this trend blurs the line between basic shapes and machine processes.

Graphic _gn USA - June 2022pdf

Patterns are a staple in graphic design, useful for providing backgrounds or framing content. And nature is a common subject matter for patterns, as mixtures of leaves, fruits and vines create compositions as lively as a forest. But in 2023, nature patterns are getting a little less refined through shaky doodles, rough textures and incongruous coloring.

Last year, 60s psychedelia made a return to graphic design through escapism, luring viewers into dense, colorful worlds. In 2023, the trend is continuing this momentum to infinity and beyond, but this time through 90s space psychedelia.

The more time that we spend in online spaces rather than physical ones, the less clear the boundaries between the two can appear. And in 2023, graphic designers are shattering that boundary completely by working digital illustrations into real-life photography.

Last year escapism became a dominant theme in graphic design, as creatives sought to draw viewers into mesmerizing, imaginative worlds. The trend is still going strong into 2023, but now escapism is getting experimental.

The 2023 graphic design trends are another exciting chapter in the evolution of art. As a vehicle for mass communication, graphic design is intimately tied to the public consciousness. Each trend provides a creative outlet for the concerns facing the masses.

Mysticism, abstract gradients and botanical patterns offer serenity through uplifting visuals. Risoprint, space psychedelia and complex compositions offer escapes into dazzling, exciting worlds. Retro cartoons soothe viewers with the nostalgia of the past while experimental escapism looks forward to the compelling strangeness of the future. And through it all, punk is returning to rebel against the general state of the world. Even as economic austerity threatens to impose limits on daily life, the graphic design of 2023 remains a veritable force of ingenuity and innovation. 041b061a72


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