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Watch Hunter X Hunter - 041

This was an excellent arc with quite a few surprising and memorable moments, particularly the reveal of Illumi (Gittarackur for most of the arc) and how he affects Killua. An introductory arc that sets up the characters, world, and story wonderfully. I am excited to get into my rewatch of the next arc, the Zoldyck Family arc!

Watch Hunter X Hunter - 041

David S. loves fantasy and Sci Fi books and enjoys hiking, spending time with friends, and eating too much pizza. On the weekend you can find him visiting family, going to church, and most of all at home under a blanket while reading books, watching anime/tv shows, or playing video games with friends.

Going through this rewatch just shows me how ridiculously strong the character intros really are. The mangaka clearly had a new each character incredibly well before the series even started and the anime benefitted from that tremendously. 041b061a72


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