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Buy Double Breasted Suit

Shop a rich collection of double-breasted suits at Suits Outlets. A double-breasted suit is just about the easiest way to show off a bit while still looking classic, masculine, and baller. Suits Outlets has double-breasted suits in multiple color and fabric for your choice. We maintain a high-quality suit standard while providing an affordable price to our customers.

buy double breasted suit

As one of the largest men's double-breasted suit online store, we provide a large selection of DB suits online. These DB suits are the best seller among all affordable fashion suits we carry. The best sellers in men's double-breasted suit collection are Atlantis double-breasted black suit, Ramses double-breasted white suit, and Rockefeller double-breasted off white suit. These selections come with true craftsmanship.

Try our 3D online suits configurator. Multiple options for your double-breasted blazer suit. Choose the style of the double-breasted: 2, 4 or 6 buttons. Choose 4 or 6 buttons double-breasted jacket if you don't know what to choose. Those are the most standard. 2 buttons double-breasted suits are a trendy option, suitable for special events.

We have a wide range of different double Breasted Suits for men that would fit every man! You can create your own Black Double Breasted Suit, tan double-breasted suit or Slim Fit Double Breasted Suit, the options are unlimited. If you want to create a truly unique version you should take a look at the different lapel styles. For example, a peak wide lapel can be very trendy and chic.

We understand your concern. Look, we will make it really easy. 2 buttons double breasted suit jacket? It is getting trendy but use it only if you are very sure of what you are doing, good for night events. 4 buttons? Classic, nothing to worry. 6 buttons? the most popular choice, you will show more buttons so it is a good chance to add metallic buttons options or contrasting thread color.

Yes, you can wear it unbuttoned but it can look baggy. It is important that at some point you button is to show how good it fits you. Should I unbutton it when sitting? Yes, remember that when sitting all kind of suit jackets should be unbuttoned.

Yes, why not, there are even double-breasted tuxedos so it is allowed. Be careful mixing patterns and be aware that double-breasted and bow tie will grab some attention. Make the rest of your outfit as simple as possible.

Yes. single-breasted or double-breasted, as far as it is a suit and the dress code requires a suit there should be no difference. It is true that the most common is single-breasted, but, come on, it is a good opportunity to show some variety to your style.

There is no 100% answer. Some people will say that there is no need of wearing a vest because it is adding another layer to your chest and probably a t-shirt could be a better solution if it is about being comfortable. Some others would argue that it is always nice to wear a vest so once you take off your double-breasted jacket you are still wearing something over your dress shirt. In the end, no need to wear it, usually you don't wear it with a double-breasted suit, and it will not be visible unless you take off your jacket.

It takes a certain kind of sophisticate to pull off a corded suit, but if you've got it in you somewhere, Reiss is on hand to do all the heavy lifting. The label's chocolate Holborn blazer dresses you with refinement and panache, via sleek corduroy stripes and a debonair skinny fit that signal you're a man of distinguished taste. Wear it with separates you already own for an elevated outfit, or go all out with the matching trousers for authentic vintage style. Blazer, 130. Trousers, 65. At

We knew we could count on Cos for its singular brand of minimal, contemporary chic, but we'd have never guessed its experimental riffs were just as good a shout. Enlisting Reece Yeboah to serve up a suit with patterned pizazz, this boxy wool suit is giving us butterflies in more ways than one. It's the kind of ensemble that makes a statement all on its own, so ditch the tie and superfluous accessories and let this suit do all the talking. Blazer, 225. Trousers, 115. At

If there's one thing you can count on Asos to deliver, it's affordable, trendy takes on traditional suit styles. With sharp lapels, flap pockets and tidy pressed pleats, this khaki number ticks all the boxes for a classic double-breasted suit. But amped up by geometric print and the wide-leg tailoring that's all the rage right now, it's a cool diversion from the types that can veer dangerously close to looking dated and fusty. Asos, we thank you for keeping us fresh. Jacket, 72.50. Trousers, 35. At

Warm and fuzzy, Our Legacy's take on the grand old double-breasted suit is softened by a comfy construction of mohair, wool and silk. That alone makes it a fine choice for all the formal occasions on your calendar, but add top-notch wide tailoring to its classic navy hue and you're on to an easy winner. And with a louche fit that lends an air of laidback cool, it nods to smart dress codes whilst retaining a relaxed and stylish edge. Jacket, 340. Trousers, 240. At

Carrying all the good vibes of a breezy white wedding somewhere sufficiently sandy and sunkissed, the silken linen of this cream suit is the type you call on for every special spring-summer occasion. Luxurious, light and generously vented to keep you cosy and cool, think of us as you raise your glass in total comfort and bask in sunny praises for your fine taste. 448 at

Loewe approach this soft wool-blend double-breasted suit as if it were a pillow, a pair of slippers, or warm cocoa; comfort has been heavily prioritised. And yet, with the structured shoulders, double-breasted construction and large front pockets, there is sophistication too. This suit will be there to cuddle you on the couch when WFH, but also sharp enough for a café client meet. Get a suit that can do it all. Jacket, 1,300. Trousers, 675. At &

A double-breasted suit by its nature is asymmetrical; one side must go under (or over) the other. Viggo here has taken this concept to the next level by combining one conventional notch lapel with one lapel-less side. Because, really, balance is overrated. 125 at

Paring back the formality of double-breasted tailoring with patch pockets and a slightly less structured hyper-stretch fabric, this Selected Homme suit will cut it at more casual weddings and sort you out on smarter days in the office without breaking the bank. And, given its simplicity, there's a world of opportunity to style with statement shirting and formal shoes that think a little outside the traditional Royal Arcade box. Jacket, 35. Trousers, 15. At

Spring is just around the corner, and the best way to acknowledge it through a sartorial lens is by swapping blacks and greys for striking bright hues. And what could be more striking than ivory? Very little, we think, especially if you use this double-breasted Margiela suit as the point of delivery. Crafted from a blend of silk and mohair, pair with chunky loafers to elevate its statement appeal even more. 2,990. At

Parisian brand Husbands knows how to serve a suit that will smoothly see you through day to night. Case in point: this twill double-breasted design, fully canvassed for a striking silhouette and delicately embossed with narrow pinstripes. Pair it with heeled boots (also from the brand) for ultra-modern appeal. 1,195. At

Whatever the number of buttons you have on hand, the ones you need to be using should be closed at all times, or at least while standing up. The second you open up a double-breasted jacket, the illusion starts to fall apart. These go from chic to catastrophe in seconds flat, which requires you never release the Kraken.

Suits come as a pair that include the jacket and trouser, unless it is categorized as a suit separate. The suit jacket size is determined by the circumference measurement of the chest. Each suit is paired with trousers that are proportioned to fit your waist.

With each suit jacket coming as a set with a trousers, note that the waist size is 6'' inches average less than your chest measurement. For example, if your chest is a size 42'', then the trousers will be a size 36''.

Double-breasted suits come in just about any color and pattern combination you can imagine. (For example, any Black Lapel custom suit or blazer can be made with double-breasted.) A double-breasted suit is a strong look no matter what fabric you choose. So when considering a double-breasted suit, you can bunch fabrics into three main categories:

I bought a double breasted suit at a vintage fair and after having the trousers altered I am wearing it for the first time with enthusiasm today. I am having a few issues, mainly that my tie is occasionally bunching up and I have resorted to using a tie clip by my stomach to keep this from happening. Is this a common issue or could this be a sign that I need to lose 2 inches from my waist (there is pull at the buttons when I am sat down)

whilst it is true that vintage is not perfect because it is like buying off the rack, or worse if you are buying a suit that is old enough to have been custom made for someone else, although it is nice seeing who something was made for. There are advantages such as rocking styles of suit you would never think off, I am unlikely to get such large lapels as my 70s suit and there is no way I will be able to find a new suit I would wear in the same price range (5 70s suits for 50 once, although some got sold on to a friend due to not being quite right proving your point).However I imagine nothing will compare to a custom made suit, one day I will save up for one. 041b061a72


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