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Buy Gift Card Boxes

Almost any type of business can benefit from selling gift cards to their customers, and providing custom gift cards and gift card packaging can help create a memorable gifting experience. Custom design your gift cards, gift card boxes, or gift card folders to enhance your branding.

buy gift card boxes

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Gift cards are a retail item that almost every type of retailer and restaurant can benefit from. Spas, salons, resorts, subscription services, and other service based companies can also use gift cards to increase their sales. Gift card sales remain steady year-round for various holidays and always increase dramatically during the winter holiday season.

Distinctive gift cards with branded packaging create a memorable experience for the gift recipient, which makes re-purchases more likely. If you can attract customers and gift card recipients to buy from your business, a positive experience will make them more likely to buy from your business again. Gift cards and custom gift card packaging are great ways to gain new long-term customers for your business. For this reason, you should pay special attention to the quality and design of your gift cards and gift card packaging.

How can you make gift card purchases special for your customers and gift recipients? Offering your customers beautifully designed and custom printed gift cards and gift card packaging can benefit your business in many ways.

All types of unique gift card packaging are available from Morgan Chaney and can be custom printed for your brand. Custom printed gift card holders can range from simple custom printed folders and envelopes to completely luxury custom gift card boxes. We specialize in many types of gift card packaging and can help you coordinate the best options for your business.

Custom printed gift cards and gift certificates can be made for your business in many styles and options. We can assist you with creating custom gift cards with barcodes or magnetic strips on the back, and printed with your company information and logo. We can also create custom printed gift certificates on luxurious papers. We can help you create the ideal program of gift cards and gift certificates along with their coordinating packaging.

We can help you create the perfect program of custom printed gift cards, gift certificates, and gift card packaging for your business. Contact us today to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable packaging consultants to start your custom gift card project.

HOW TO REDEEM YOUR CARD. Go to to choose from one of 15,000 nail salons for your nail services, and activate your card online. Present the Pick Your Polish gift card at the salon as a form of payment up to the value of the card. The card will process as a Discover transaction. After 12 months of non-use, a $3.95 per month fee will apply except where prohibited by law.

This card is issued by Patriot Bank, Member FDIC pursuant to a license from Discover Network. Use of this card constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions applicable to this card. Refer to terms and conditions for ways to protect your balance if card is lost or stolen. For customer service visit us online at, or call (877) 473-9992.

From nail salons locally to locations while traveling, the Pick Your Polish gift card is the perfect gift for anyone that simply wants a little pampering of hands and feet! find salon FIND SALON QUICK LINKS

This card is issued by Patriot Bank, Member FDIC pursuant to a license from Discover Network. Use of this card constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions applicable to this card. Refer to terms and conditions for ways to protect your balance if card is lost or stolen. For customer service visit us online at, or call (800) 414-1153

Gift cards are always a great option for those hard to buy for. This gift card box includes one marble pen and a place to insert your own gift card of your liking. Pen features a timeless marble design, gold tone accents and a tassel charm. Gift card not included

Gift card holders are paper envelopes or folders made to present a variety of retail card-sized items such as gift cards, gift certificates, vouchers, or wholesale discount membership club cards. Their small size is perfect for holding a standard 3 3/8" x 2 1/8" card.

Custom printed gift card holders are the perfect packaging for your card-size items. Use them to reinforce your brand and provide critical information to the recipient such as the giftcard amount, business hours and location, and conditions of use. They also make great carriers for all cards by preventing them from getting lost in the bottom of a purse or glovebox. They conveniently fit into envelopes so there is no need to fold them when inserting in a birthday or holiday card. Additionally, some businesses use them as business card holders to enhance presentation or ensure the cards are protected.

Our services allow you to buy custom gift card printing in large bulk quantities as well as print short-runs (minimum quantities as low as 50) to try different personalized designs or design variations without committing to a single large order.

  • *Based on maximum quantity. Prices may change.Customization Tips & IdeasSome holders feature a free optional form choice, allowing you to add a space for the card's recipient and the amount of the gift.

  • Aqueous coating can be gloss (shiny), matte (no shine), satin (an intermediate level of shine), or soft-touch (provides a suede-like texture).

  • Ultraviolet (UV) coating adds a lot of shine and makes colors pop out but provides limited protection.

  • Laminate coating is the best choice for adding durability and preventing tears and stains.

  • Create a design to match the card inside the holder for a more complete look.

  • Incorporate the pockets into your design if you need more space.

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Mailed in a mini Nike shoebox, this gift card unlocks a world of footwear, apparel, and equipment. Gift Cards are redeemable at,, and at Nike and Converse-owned retail locations in the United States and Puerto Rico, or by phone at 1-800-806-6453.

Prices shown are in U.S. dollars. If you are paying for your order with an international Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card, please note that the purchase price may fluctuate with exchange rates. In addition, your bank or credit card issuer may also charge you foreign conversion charges and fees, which may also increase the overall cost of your purchase. Please contact your bank or credit card issuer regarding these fees.

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for a loved one or friend is more difficult than your customer may have thought. To accommodate your customers who are buying gifts, offering gift cards redeemable at your business can help give the perfect gift.

How many times have you received a gift card tucked away in a greeting card for your birthday? While grateful for the gift, you probably missed out on the unwrapping experience. Because it was not in a branded gift card holder, you may not remember the brand of the gift card you received.

Rather than only handing over a plastic gift certificate, you can create an elevated customer experience when someone receives a gift card from your store. They will have the memory of untying a soft silk ribbon or unboxing a luxuriously crafted box to reveal a thoughtful gift card inside.

Our team of sales and design experts is available to help you create the perfect gift card sleeves to represent your brand. From coming up with the design concept to choosing the right layout for your logo, you can count on dedicated professionalism.

We offer printing and treatment processes like hot stamping, decals, stickers, and embossing. We can match any Pantone color and print in 4 color process (CMYK). As a result, your gift card sleeve will be unique and stylish.

To begin the design process, first, choose the gift holder style. If you want to make a grand statement, you may consider a drawer holder or a box with a ribbon closure. For a different look, choose a kraft paper sleeve to tuck the gift card inside.

Not only will your customer appreciate the extra luxury, but so will the person receiving the gift certificate. While they are receiving a valuable gift card, having the experience of opening a carefully crafted and designed gift card holder creates a lasting memory.

There is a minimum order quantity of 2,000 holders. Prime Line Packaging is proud to accommodate businesses of all sizes. However, when you order your custom gift card holders in bulk, you will get more value from your purchase.

Yes, if requested, we will send you samples of your custom gift card holders. These pre-production samples will be for you to check the art placement and correct materials. Once approved, the project will move into full production.

Work one-on-one with our design experts to craft the perfect gift card sleeve or holder to fully encompass what your brand represents. From choosing the right holder style to the material to logo placement, we will help you every step of the way.

Note: If you are using a third-party eCommerce integration partner and you're selling physical Square gift cards, please check with the integration partner before ordering to ensure they are redeemable. Although Square is the payment processor, the partner may not always support external gift card redemption from Square.

This darling box features a drawer with a gift card holder insert. The project measures 3.4x4.5x1.33. It also features an easel card with a library pocket on top. This project also includes an box to hold the entire project when it's complete. Simply add a ribbon and you're ready with a gift that's SUPER CUTE!! Gift Card Box Gnome. SVG file for Silhouette, Cricut and other cutting machines. 041b061a72


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