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blue by keshi - The Song That Will Make You Feel Alive

Download keshi blue: How to enjoy the popular song by the indie artist

If you are looking for a new song to add to your playlist, you might want to check out keshi blue, a catchy and emotional track by the rising indie artist keshi. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this song, including who is keshi, what are the lyrics and meaning of keshi blue, how to download or stream it online, how to support the artist, and how to discover more of his music.

Who is keshi and what is his musical style?

Keshi is the stage name of Casey Luong, a Vietnamese-American singer, songwriter, and producer from Houston, Texas. He started making music in 2015 as a hobby while working as a registered nurse. He uploaded his songs on SoundCloud and YouTube, where he gained a loyal fanbase. His musical style is influenced by genres such as R&B, pop, hip-hop, and lo-fi. He is known for his smooth vocals, catchy melodies, and honest lyrics.

download keshi blue

What are the lyrics and meaning of keshi blue?

Keshi blue is one of the songs from his 2020 EP bandaids, which explores themes such as love, loss, loneliness, and nostalgia. The song is about missing friends and feeling out of place in a changing world. Keshi sings about how he feels impatient, restless, and sad as he waits for another round of drinks on Sixth Street in Austin, Texas. He compares his mood to a blue moon, which is a rare occurrence that happens once in a while. He also reflects on how he has changed over time and how he doesn't want his old friends to see him differently.

How to download keshi blue for free or legally?

If you want to download keshi blue on your device, you have several options. You can either get it for free or legally by paying a small fee. Here are some of the best websites and apps that offer the song:

  • : You can watch the official video of keshi blue on YouTube and download it as an MP3 file using a third-party app or website. However, be careful not to download any copyrighted music as this can get you into legal trouble.

  • : You can read the lyrics and annotations of keshi blue on Genius and download it as an MP3 file using a third-party app or website. You can also learn more about the song's background, meaning, and trivia.

  • : You can find free music that can be downloaded and used in other creative works under Creative Commons licenses on Free Music Archive. You can search for keshi blue or similar songs by genre, mood, or tag.

  • .

  • Join online communities and forums where fans of keshi and similar artists gather and discuss. You can find them on platforms such as . You can also participate in polls, quizzes, trivia, and games related to keshi and his music.


Keshi blue is a song that you should definitely listen to if you are into indie music, R&B, pop, or hip-hop. It is a song that showcases keshi's talent, style, and personality. It is also a song that resonates with many people who feel the same way as keshi does. Whether you want to download it, stream it, or support it, you have plenty of options to choose from. We hope this article has helped you learn more about keshi blue and how to enjoy it. Now go ahead and listen to it and let us know what you think!


  • Q: When was keshi blue released?

  • A: Keshi blue was released on March 20, 2020 as part of the bandaids EP.

  • Q: How long is keshi blue?

  • A: Keshi blue is 2 minutes and 55 seconds long.

  • Q: What is the genre of keshi blue?

  • A: Keshi blue is a mix of indie, R&B, pop, and hip-hop.

  • Q: What is the best way to download keshi blue?

  • A: The best way to download keshi blue depends on your preference and budget. You can either get it for free or legally by paying a small fee. Some of the best websites and apps that offer the song are YouTube, Genius, Free Music Archive, iTunes, and Amazon Music.

  • Q: What are some other songs by keshi that I should listen to?

  • A: Some other songs by keshi that you should listen to are skeletons, the reaper, always, like i need u, less of you, brighter days ahead: a summer mixtape by keshi & friends, and more.


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