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Prelude [WORK]

Additionally, a 2.0i, single overhead cam (SOHC) model was released in Europe, rated at 133 PS (98 kW; 131 hp). 1993 was the last year that the "Si-VTEC" (BB4) name was used, and beginning in 1994 it was shortened to just "VTEC" and stayed that way throughout the rest of the generation. In some countries, the Prelude with 2.2 DOHC VTEC 4-cylinder engine was called the VTi-R. Later, the '96 prelude Si/SR was introduced with a 2.3 DOHC 4-cylinder engine. In Canada, the Si was called the SR, and the VTEC was called the SR-V. Due to the width dimensions and the engine displacement exceeding Japanese government regulations for vehicles classified as "compact", this generation Prelude obligated Japanese owners to yearly taxes.


There is believed to be a few third generation preludes made however it is not confirmed how many were made. There is currently one confirmed Japanese imported third generation convertible Prelude currently in Australia though not much is known of its history.

The first version of the prelude is used in Rust 2015 and Rust 2018,and lives in std::prelude::v1.std::prelude::rust_2015 and std::prelude::rust_2018 re-export this prelude.It re-exports the following:

Charging Prelude wirelessly: Place Prelude (the side with the logo) onto a Qi-charging pad. A wireless charging LED indicator will light up to show prelude is being charged wirelessly.

"introductory performance; a preliminary to an action event or work," 1560s, from French prélude "notes sung or played to test the voice or instrument" (1530s), from Medieval Latin preludium "prelude, preliminary," from Latin praeludere "to play beforehand for practice, preface," from prae- "before" (see pre-) + ludere "to play" (see ludicrous). Purely musical sense of "movement or piece forming the introduction to a musical work" is attested in English by 1650s. Related: Preludial; prelusive; prelusory; preludious; prelusion. 041b061a72


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