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Export and Print Your Data Grids with True DBGrid Pro 7: Formats and Options

Advanced users may want to learn more about SQL. The true SQLite Viewer tool helps you quickly and easily create, edit, and run SQL queries on any data source. It also displays tables from tabular data sources using true SQL syntax and offers functions to retrieve table data and even filter data as you type. Simply add a data source, connect the source, and run a query. Views, relationships, and SQL statements are auto-populated with data from the data source. You don't have to perform any data manipulation to generate a new view.

true dbgrid pro 7 download

True DBGrid Pro is a great tool to develop and manage interfaces. It has many database facilities in just a few clicks. For example, a simple click opens the Access application to access the data and shows the data in Access. If you open the right-click menu, a number of items will be available.

True DBGrid Pro provides extensive data management tools, such as browsing, updating, exporting, and filtering. The interface is so simple that even kids can use it.

True DBGrid Pro also provides comprehensive high-end wizards to perform common tasks with ease. For example, when you create a form, you can use wizards to:

This example illustrates how to set up a True DBGrid control to manage a table with relational data. A table tblCustomer is defined in tdf, a local tdf file for this project. The table has three columns, CustomerName, CustomerNumber, and CustomerAddress. Relational data is used in the form tblData, also a local table for the project.


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