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Experience the Heian world with Demon Slayer characters in Onmyoji Arena

Onmyoji Arena: A MOBA Game with a Demon Slayer Crossover

If you are a fan of MOBA games and anime, you might want to check out Onmyoji Arena, a mobile game that features a crossover event with Demon Slayer, one of the most popular anime and manga series in recent years. In this article, we will tell you what Onmyoji Arena is, how to play it on PC, and what you can expect from the Demon Slayer crossover event.

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What is Onmyoji Arena?

Onmyoji Arena is a mobile MOBA game developed by NetEase Games, based on the Onmyoji series that revolves around Japanese folklore and mythology. The game allows players to choose from over 80 different characters, called Shikigami, each with their own unique abilities and roles. The game also offers various modes, such as 5v5, 3v3v3, tower defense, and auto chess, to suit different preferences and play styles.

A mobile MOBA game based on the Onmyoji series

The main mode of Onmyoji Arena is the 5v5 mode, where two teams of five players compete against each other in a map divided into three lanes. The objective is to destroy the enemy's base while defending your own. To do so, players need to farm minions, fight other players, destroy towers, and collect resources. The game also features a unique rune system called Onmyodo, which allows players to customize their Shikigami's abilities according to their strategy.

A game with diverse modes and characters

Besides the 5v5 mode, Onmyoji Arena also has other modes that offer different challenges and experiences. For example, the 3v3v3 mode is a battle royale mode where three teams of three players fight for survival and resources in a shrinking map. The tower defense mode is a cooperative mode where players have to defend their base from waves of enemies. The auto chess mode is a strategic mode where players have to arrange their Shikigami in a chessboard and watch them fight automatically.

Onmyoji Arena also has a rich character base that includes Shikigami from various categories, such as samurai, ninja, mage, support, tank, marksman, assassin, and more. Each Shikigami has four abilities and two spells that can be used in combat. Some Shikigami are based on historical or mythical figures, such as Oda Nobunaga, Tamamo no Mae, Susabi, and Yuki Onna. Some Shikigami also have different skin series that change their appearance and theme, such as school, fairytale, steampunk, and more.

A game with stunning graphics and voice acting

One of the most appealing aspects of Onmyoji Arena is its beautiful graphics and voice acting. The game retains the elegant Japanese aesthetics from the Onmyoji series, as well as its stellar Japanese voice cast that includes famous actors such as Rie Kugimiya, Jun Fukuyama, Mamoru Miyano, Kana Hanazawa, and more. The game also has gorgeous 3D models and animations that bring the Shikigami to life. The game also has an immersive soundtrack that matches the mood and atmosphere of each mode and map.


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