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Simple Plan Album Get Your Heart On Rar

That song in particular and that line, "I'm just a happy kid stuck with the heart of an old punk" seems to really resonate with people. Going back to the album and doing some research and reading peoples' comments, it seems like with that push and pull you kind of are able to latch onto some sort of feeling that's common.

Simple Plan Album Get Your Heart On Rar

We've grown up in an era of recorded music. It's absolutely incredible. You know, you just go back. I don't know. I don't know when the first recordings were.You know, I don't know when it was, but just to think that in the span of human existence that if we just go back one tiny, tiny percentage. Poof. Recorded music is not there, you know? And then there'd be a question of luck. Like, are you born near musicians? Are you one yourself? Is your mom a singer? Like, is there music around? Is it only at church? Is there a church? Do you live near a church? Do you want to go to one? You know? Our opportunities are much, much slimmer when you go back in time. So it feels really lucky and, you know, and I feel lucky to be born when they're dealing records around among hundreds and hundreds and thousands of other records that we're lucky to be born near. But Blonde on Blonde is a good album.

I think of any song on the album it feels kind of akin to your first couple records with the bigger rock sound. Was that kind of intentional? Do you still have the itch or is it just how it came out?

"I always worry about putting out anything new at this point," Teddy says with a laugh, "knowing it has to stand up to a pretty strong track record," but agrees the new material does just that. He calls "That's How I Was Raised" "right down the heart of the plate simple country song that showcases our harmonies," and "All American" "a song that says a lot of things that need to be said about our country." 350c69d7ab


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