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Surfer 15: What's New and How to Get Started

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sessions: user: kai0712, user ankidb wiki time: '2020-03-23t08:43:05' is this a tutorial? no is this a how-to guide or walkthrough? yes goal: unlock the app feedback: write some feedback here. comment: '#d71f5d is the main color i really, really want to use in a future portrait.'

you start out in a parka, in the company of the girl you met on day 16. you head down one of the paths, where you come across three black roaches. as you walk past, one of them calls out to you and begins to attack you. it then blows up into a blast of light, pulling you into the air with it, and into the nearest building.

you awake in a room, with 6 side tables on each wall and goldensoftwaresurfer12serial15 on the top of one of them. as you examine the room, you notice that there is no door. in fact, the room is completely void of doors. you decide to stand next to one side table and kick away the piece of wood that used to cover it.


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