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HOT! Download BioShock

People love free steam games, no doubt. But what many people hate is downloading so many parts and trying to install them on their own. This is why we are the only site that pre-installs every game for you. We have many categories like shooters, action, racing, simulators and even VR games! We strive to satisfy our users and ask for nothing in return. We revolutionized the downloading scene and will continue being your #1 site for free games.

Download BioShock

Download File:

Hopefully, the mod is available through Steam's workshop tab. You just need to visit the mod's Steam page and subscribe to the creator's channel to be able to download and install this mod on your game. The users' reaction to the mod has been positive so far.

It sounds fantastic - and it is, for the most part - but physical buyers will once again be upset to learn that not all of that content is being included on the cartridges. All three collections come with some irritating small print, spilling the beans on the download requirements you'll need to suffer through to enjoy the games.

Borderlands is the biggest offender; the physical cartridge will only include the first game - Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition - although even that needs an extra 6.6 GB download before you can start. Then, you'll need to download another 35 GB of data to install Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

I'm on the fence for all three and this is probably a deal-breaker. Bargain bin or not at all it is. Either use a 32GB cartridge to minimise download sizes and charge a bit extra or just don't even bother and make them digital exclusive and price them accordingly.

How come that a much smaller developer/publisher like CD Projekt Red actually IS able to put their game on a 32GB cartridge, but you losers still want to disrespect and ridicule the people that would want to buy these games physically by forcing them to download the bulk of them?

Mr. Craddock, a question: you mention that the first Borderlands game requires a download before you can start. I had understood that Nintendo's policy disallowed this - that a game must be playable, at least in small part, from the cartridge alone. Was I incorrect?

I truly hope that sales for all of these titles are completely going to bomb, because they deserve it. Some people buy physical games for a reason, and that's NOT to still be forced to download the majority of it, to be able to play them....

@ThanosReXXX that was my point, with cartridge being more expensive it's more likely that publishers will "cheap out" and go for whatever is cheapest which in this case is going for the cheapest versions and putting the rest as a download

Physical is so inconvenient. I have to keep track of the tiny cartridges and switch them between games. So much much easier with digital, just get a huge memory card, problem solved. And you can always re-download down the road.

@TDRsuperstar2 None of them is all on the cart. You will have only the opening act of each game and the rest is download. You can play 1, 2 or Infinite only for about 20-30 minutes at most and the rest you have to download.

Nintendo Is not free of guilt either. My physical copy of Bayonetta 1 + 2 required a sizeable download to enjoy "half" of that package. The decision on this matters is game dependant, not company dependant.

I might be wrong here as I very rarely use my PS4 and XBox One ... but don't both of those systems require game installs rven if you buy the disc? I feel like every game I bought required some amount of downloading or installing ...

Where's the collector's value in that? And there's no resale value either, since the download part of these half-baked products are a one-time only thing. Someone would have to be crazy to buy these kinds of efforts from a previous owner or from a used game shop, because you'd never be able to play the entire catalog that's supposed to be included.

@darkswabber well, on those systems you still have to download the entire game to the hard drive. The Switch is bigger deal since microSD cards storage sizes haven't jumped up to match 2.5" hard drives or externals.

This isn't ideal at all, but I still prefer going physical, even with mandatory downloads. Why? Because so far, 1tb micro SD cards have still been prohibitively expensive, and at least if some of the data is on the cart, you're still saving a few GB of space as opposed to having to download all of it to your SD card. So far, I've been able to survive on one 400gb SD card and buying physical whenever possible. Yeah, some of my games have got mandatory downloads (ie. Mortal Kombat 11, Spyro, etc.) but if I were to buy all of my games digital and had to download all of the data for my games, I'd likely have had to have bought at least one or 2 more SD cards by now (or one of the hella-expensive 1tb ones) so buying physically is still the cheaper option long term.

Hmm, I guess in the case of Borderlands an optional download was inevitable if Borderlands 2 and presequel are over 35g. With that being said they could have put Borderlands 2 on a 16g card since that's everyone's favorite or possibly 1 and 2 on a 32g card but that would be too expensive for the cheapskates at 2k. Regardless, a download was going to happen here.

@darkswabber um, you do realize that once a game is downloaded you can still play it even after its been removed from a digital storefront, right? Look at PT and Scott Pilgrim for example. Yes, a publisher could put something in the code that disables the ability to play the game after its been removed for purchase but they can legally do that with physical media as well. So no, purchasing the games physical or digital does not in one way or another prevent you from playing the games sometime in the future once the servers are shut down.

Regardless of patches or extra downloads, the physical cartridge allows you to do these things. A digital download does not. Yes it's annoying to have to download and use space on the MicroSD card, and devs really need to stop this BS and shell out for the larger-capacity cartridges. But it's only a trivial nuisance compared to the main benefits of buying physical.

Most of the collectors seem to be saying they want something they can see and hold in their hands and this is exactly that. I don't understand the complaints. You're always told when they discontinued service and you're free to download all the games before then.

I really was considering Bioshock because of the physical, but now i see that its just a download cartridge, you might as well just not bother and download it, therefore lost interest.I was exactly the same with the Resident Evil collections.

@Woomy_NNYes Well, as the article mentions, Bioshock seems to be the least of the offenders, seeing as that comes on a 16GB cartridge instead of on an 8GB, like Borderlands and X-COM, but it is a bit unclear for now what they mean exactly when it says "later game contents and add-ons will need to be downloaded", because besides the obvious DLC, that can mean just about anything from entire chapters to crucial parts of the game itself.

And from what I've understood so far, you'd only be able to play the first half hour of several of these games without downloading any extra content, so that's all you'd get if you'd buy these games second hand.I truly wonder what CEX or any other trade-in company or game shop is doing with all these gimped games, because reselling them seems highly unlikely.

@electrolite77 Ah, okay. My bad, then. I always thought that these "code in a box" things were a one-off. Still worrisome for downloads later in the console's life cycle, though. You never know when they'll stop supporting those servers.

That's only valid for the Xbox 360 itself, though. As you may know, the Xbox One downloads any necessary patches and/or free add-ons automatically, if there are any available, so I'm at least half sure that the same will go for the new Xbox Series X as well.

Is put in cart, then download or put in cart redeem code and download. I like the option of selling games once played. I hate that "license to play" crap. Its my game. I play it then I sell it. Then I don't have it anymore. Someone else does.

I would support going all digital for home consoles if they would allow us a secondary method to download our games. For example, if I could buy the game on the web through my MacBook and download it there, put it on a flash drive, and then copy it to Playstation/Xbox.

@ThanosReXXX Since the PS4 version exceeds the max cart size, I'm not surprised. Also, this is a budget release. So I would be surprised if it even got a cart larger than the minimum for Borderlands ( heck maybe not even that with it having a key portion of code on cart but required downloading for assets).

I wonder if the games can be re-downloaded in separate consoles. If so, then buying the cart will be make sense, as the cart is resalable and full content are kept. Not like the resident evil triple pack which you used up the download code, and RE 5 and 6 can't be played by others.

@TheRedComet I always thought that stores should have a download station where you put in a proprietary memory card, select the game you want to purchase and it transfers the game to your memory card for installing at home for this very reason. It would allow people to enjoy the browse of a store and walk away with a download game

Guess what?! I sold a Wii with tonnes of installed games (legit purchases) for a LOT of money because said downloads were tied to the console and not me. I felt like I moreso owned the games because I could freely sell them with my console.

I was able to get the installer to complete! Here's how I did it:I downloaded the Mongoose web server ( ) as it's light weight, free, and doesn't require any installation. Just drop it in a folder that will serve as the root of the "web site".Then I created a folder in the root folder called "bioshock". I copied the patch file posted above in there and renamed it to "installer" with no file extension.I then started mongoose on port 80 by running "mongoose-5.0 listening_port 80".The last thing I had to do was update the host file (c:\windows\system32\driver\etc\hosts) to point to my local machine. The line to add is "". Just add it to the end of the file. 041b061a72


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