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Lost Team - Keep Running: A Song that Will Make You Feel Alive

Keep Running Lost Team Song Download: How to Enjoy the Music of a Chinese Rap Group

If you are a fan of Chinese rap music, you may have heard of a catchy song called Keep Running by a group called Lost Team. This song has become a sensation on the internet, attracting millions of views, likes, and comments. But what is this song about, who are the artists behind it, and how can you download it to your device? In this article, we will answer these questions and more.

What is Keep Running Lost Team Song and Why is it Popular

Keep Running is a song that was created for the ninth season of a popular Chinese variety show called Keep Running, which is based on the Korean show Running Man. The show features seven regular members who compete in various games and missions at famous landmarks. The song was performed by Lost Team, a rap group from Qinghai province, who were invited as guests on the show.

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The origin and meaning of the song

The song was composed by Lost Team's leader Zhou Zhennan, also known as Vin Zhou, who is also a member of another rap group called R1SE. The lyrics were written by all five members of Lost Team, who each contributed their own style and flavor. The song combines rap, pop, and ethnic elements, creating a unique sound that reflects the diversity of China. The song expresses the spirit of perseverance and teamwork that the show promotes, as well as the personal stories and struggles of the rappers. The chorus goes like this:

"Keep running keep running keep running

Don't stop don't stop don't stop

We are not afraid of anything

We are not afraid of anything

We have dreams we have dreams we have dreams

We have faith we have faith we have faith

We will never give up

We will never give up"

The reception and impact of the song

The song was an instant hit among the viewers and fans of the show, who praised its catchy melody, powerful lyrics, and energetic performance. The song quickly spread on social media and streaming platforms, becoming a viral phenomenon. According to the data from QQ Music, one of the largest online music platforms in China, the song has been played over 200 million times and has topped the charts for several weeks. The song has also inspired many fans and celebrities to cover and remix it, creating their own versions and interpretations. Some of the notable covers include those by the Chinese singer-songwriter G.E.M., the Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou, and the American rapper MC Jin. The song has also boosted the popularity and recognition of Lost Team, who have gained more fans and followers, as well as more opportunities and invitations to perform and collaborate with other artists.

Who are Lost Team and What is Their Background

Lost Team is a rap group from Qinghai province, a remote and mountainous region in northwest China. The group consists of five members: Zhou Zhennan (Vin Zhou), Li Zhenyu (Lil Shin), Wang Ziyi (Boogie), Li Haonan (Nan Nan), and Zhang Zhenyu (Zee Yu). They are known for their ethnic rap and local dialect songs, which showcase their culture and identity.

The formation and members of Lost Team

Lost Team was formed in 2009, when Zhou Zhennan met Li Zhenyu at a rap competition in Qinghai. They decided to form a group and invited Wang Ziyi, who was Zhou's classmate, to join them. Later, they recruited Li Haonan and Zhang Zhenyu, who were also from Qinghai, to complete the lineup. The group named themselves Lost Team, because they felt like they were lost in the rap scene, which was dominated by artists from big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. They also wanted to express their determination to find their own way and style in music.

The members of Lost Team have different styles and personalities, which complement each other. Zhou Zhennan is the leader and main composer of the group, who is skilled in producing catchy hooks and melodies. He is also a member of R1SE, a boy band that was formed through a talent show called Produce Camp 2019. Li Zhenyu is the main rapper of the group, who is adept at freestyling and delivering fast and smooth flows. He is also a solo artist who has released several singles and albums. Wang Ziyi is the main vocalist of the group, who has a powerful and soulful voice. He is also a solo artist who has participated in various singing competitions and shows. Li Haonan is the youngest member of the group, who is good at singing and rapping in different languages and dialects. He is also an actor who has starred in several movies and dramas. Zhang Zhenyu is the oldest member of the group, who is good at rapping with humor and sarcasm. He is also a host who has hosted several online shows and events.

The achievements and challenges of Lost Team

Lost Team has released two albums and several singles since their debut. Their first album, Lost in Qinghai, was released in 2012, which featured songs that reflected their life and culture in Qinghai. Their second album, Lost in China, was released in 2017, which featured songs that explored their experiences and perspectives in different parts of China. Some of their popular singles include Qinghai Rap, Qinghai Lake, Qinghai Style, Lost Dream, Lost Youth, Lost Love, Lost City, Lost Nation, Lost World, and of course, Keep Running. The group has also collaborated with other artists such as G.E.M., Jay Chou, MC Jin, R1SE, Higher Brothers, Vava, After Journey, Tizzy T, Bridge, Ty., Jony J, ICE, Lexie Liu, Vinida Wengie, KUN Cai Xukun, Lay Zhang Yixing, Kris Wu Yifan, Lu Han Luhan , and Jackson Wang, among others. The group has also participated in various events and shows, such as the Qinghai Lake International Music Festival, the China Rap Festival, the China Music Awards, the China Hip Hop Awards, the Rap of China, the Singer, and of course, Keep Running.

Despite their achievements, Lost Team has also faced many difficulties and obstacles in their career. As a rap group from a remote and minority region, they have encountered discrimination and prejudice from some people who do not understand or appreciate their culture and identity. They have also struggled with the lack of resources and opportunities in their hometown, which has limited their exposure and development. They have also experienced conflicts and misunderstandings within the group, which have affected their friendship and cooperation. However, they have always overcome these challenges with their passion, talent, and resilience. They have always stayed true to themselves and their music, and have always supported each other as a team.

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How to Download Keep Running Lost Team Song Legally and Safely

If you want to download Keep Running Lost Team song to your device, you need to be careful and responsible. Downloading music online can have many benefits, but also many risks. You need to make sure that you download the song legally and safely, without harming yourself or the artists.

The benefits and risks of downloading music online

Downloading music online can save you time, money, and storage space. You can access your favorite songs anytime and anywhere, without having to buy CDs or DVDs. You can also store more songs on your device, without taking up too much space. However, downloading music online can also expose you to malware, viruses, and legal issues. You can accidentally download harmful files that can damage your device or steal your personal information. You can also violate the intellectual property rights of the artists and the music labels, which can result in fines or lawsuits.

The best sources and methods for downloading Keep Running Lost Team song

To download Keep Running Lost Team song


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