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Fun & Creativity


Art allows students to express themselves in the most creative ways. Through art children develop social-emotional skills and fine and gross motor skills. 


Engineering builds foundational skills in other educational areas, such as science and math. Engineering activities offer hands-on activities by allowing students to engage with their own creative ideas. 


Technology can be an empowering tool to help children learn and keep them engaged. Students will have access to the latest technology in education including  tablets and computers. Children who are tech-savvy will be better prepared for a technology based workforce.

Reading/ Writing

Reading helps a child develop their imagination and builds their language development. Language acquisition skills helps to develop better listening and comprehension skills and prepares children to understand written words. 


Math helps children develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Building mathematics skills such as number recognition and understanding the one to one correspondence prepares children for later academic success. 


Children are naturally curious. Science aids children build communication skills, team work skills, reasoning, analytical and problem solving skills. 

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